Automatic Rescue Device

SEC-5EBD Automatic rescue device for V3F geared and gearless lifts.

This optional device performs an automatic emergency run in case of power failure.

Once that the safety conditions have been verified, it drives the car to the nearest floor level, in the most favourable direction, and opens the doors.

This device can be used on new installation or for modernization on existing lifts. It is compatible with most controllers with V3F drive.

This emergency battery drive regenerates from a standard lead battery set a three-phase power system (400 VAC, 50 Hz), to supply the controller.

The followings are new features of this updated version of Securlift EBD:

  • Compatibility with regenerative drives;
  • Battery charger with only one card allowing the possibility to execute cycles of charge discharge;
  • Single-Phase 230 VAC (max 1 KVA) output for any specific accessories;
  • CAN-bus connections for reading and editing of parameters;

The device is available in 3 sizes for motors with different power ratings:


Motor with rated current up to 40A
(6 batteries 12Ah)


Motor with rated current up to 80A
(6 batteries 18Ah)


Motor with rated current up to 150A
(12 batteries 18Ah)